Rhubarb rosemary gin sour


    50ml rhubarb gin (bought or

    homemade, as above)

    25ml lemon juice

    small sprig rosemary, plus extra

    to garnish

    10ml agave syrup

    1 egg white


    rhubarb ribbon (fresh or dehydrated),

    to garnish

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This cocktail from Poco’s spring drinks list, makes the most of in-season rhubarb. “Before the outdoor rhubarb crops start coming through, there’s a crop of forced rhubarb which, alongside the early-season asparagus, has to be one of the year’s most keenly anticipated seasonal treats,” says Poco co-owner, Ben. “As well as featuring on our food and dessert menus each year, rhubarb is a mainstay of our cocktail list too. This recipe sees the natural oils and aroma of the rosemary complement the earthy florality of the rhubarb perfectly. “To make the rhubarb gin, we drop around 350g of rhubarb into 700ml gin and let it steep for a week or so in a Kilner jar. (The same technique can be used to make rhubarb whisky or bourbon, which can make for a sublime take on the Old Fashioned!)”

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Combine all ingredients (except the ice and garnish) in a cocktail shaker and shake for 15 seconds. Then top up the shaker with ice and shake again for another 15 seconds or so.


Taste the drink for the right balance of sourness to sweetness, adding more agave or lemon juice if required.


Fine strain through a small sieve into a chilled glass (a Champagne coupe or rocks glass would work nicely).


Garnish with the rhubarb and a small sprig of rosemary.

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