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Red pepper with goat’s curd and anchovies

Yields4 Servings

Freddy Bird isn’t mucking about with this month’s hero he’s serving it straight up in this simple summer salad

 4 red bell peppers
 4 tbsp goat’s curd
 2 tins salted Ortiz anchovies
 handful fresh oregano, chopped
 generous slug of early harvest arbequina
 olive oil
 sourdough bread, to serve

Blister the peppers, ideally over the barbecue, cooking them until they are black all over. Don’t leave them too long – you’ll burn all the flesh and be left with nothing –but, equally, if you don’t cook them for long enough the skin won’t come off and they’ll lack that charred sweetness.


Once ready, remove from the heat and leave for 15 minutes in a bowl covered with cling film –this will make peeling off the skin nice and easy. Remove the skin and don’t worry about the odd few specks of black that are left. Definitely don’t wash it off –this will wash away all the flavour.


Tear each pepper into 4 or 5 pieces and discard the seeds. Arrange on a plate and lightly season with Maldon salt.


Next, dot the curd all over the peppers, drape the anchovies sporadically around the dish, scatter over the fresh oregano, and drizzle liberally with arbequina olive oil.


Eat with plenty of sourdough bread tomop up the juices.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 4