Gill Meller
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Homemade beef burgers with bacon and cheeseBy Gill MellerGill says: “Beef burgers are easy to knock up and always so much better than anything you can buy. These burgers are made with skirt steak, a flavoursome open-grained cut. I like to mince the steak with some beef fat or suet to give it extra moisture and a richer, beefier flavour. A crank-handled mincer works well – you see them at car boot sales all the time. If you don’t have a mincer, ask the butcher to mince the mix for you or, if push comes to shove, chop the meat and fat in a food processor. “Get the fire really hot so that the bars ofthe grill char the burgers. This gives them character; it also helps to cook them fast andkeeps them juicy. I serve them in buns with streaky bacon and Cheddar – the perfect partners in crime.”