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New potato and chorizo hash with asparagus and eggBy Alan and Vicki MowatVicki and Alan are Bath’s Riverford reps. They’re loving all the seasonal veg that’s being harvested right now and are sharing this Riverford recipe to help us put it to good use. “Asparagus is surely the vegetable which sparks the most joy when it comes into season – it’s so delicious and so quintessentially British,” says Vicki. “The season is short, so we make the most of it while we can. Often that simply means steaming the delicate spears briefly, then serving with a little butter, or dipping them into a soft-boiled egg. But if you have a little more time, this hash makes a fantastic lunch or light supper. “You can fry your eggs instead of poaching, but if you do poach, then use the freshest eggs, so the white seals around the yolks (adding vinegar helps with this too).”