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Cured salmon with elderflower and mixed pepperBy Mitch Tonks“This recipe is based on a recipe we use at the Seahorse,” Mitch says. “It’s a lovely cure for salmon that’s sweet and peppery. We use Nepalese peppercorns in the cure for this dish. They have a distinct, intense smell of grapefruit which works really well with the sweetness of elderflower. If you can’t get Nepalese peppercorns, replace with pink peppercorns. Look for the Scandinavian syrup brands as they’re good and not too sweet or, better still, make your own! There are plenty of recipes out there; the key ingredient is finding yourself some lovely local elderflowers. To serve, slice thinly like smoked salmon or cut through the fish crossways to give a nice ‘D’ slice.”
Roasted gurnard with salsa verde and wild garlicBy Mitch TonksMitch Tonks explains how to make a spritely spring supper using wild garlic roasted gurnard with salsa verde and wild garlic. “I particularly like the rough chopped salsa verde,” says Mitch. “It is fresh tasting and offers a real contrast of flavours, especially with the addition of the wild garlic.”
Chilli salt and pepper squidBy Mitch TonksMitch Tonks, acclaimed chef and author (and owner of The Seahorse in Dartmouth and the Rockfish chain), shares this squid-a-licious recipe. He says: “If you love calamari and care about sustainable seafood, get yourself to a fishmonger for some squid. This is one of my favourite squid dishes; it’s not hard to do, but you need to get it right. The key thing is the massaging of the flour, as a quick dip doesn’t give you that uneven crispy coat – rice or gluten free flour makes the crispest squid and the lightest barely-there coating. The only other important thing is hot, clean oil in the fryer. If it’s too cold, the squid won’t crisp – and no one likes the taste of dirty oil. Be bold with the pepper; you want it to be a flavour explosion in the mouth.”