Cured salmon with elderflower and mixed pepper

as seen in Crumbs Devon


    1 salmon fillet skinned

    and pin-boned

    For the cure:

    12g star anise

    12g fennel seeds

    12g Nepalese peppercorns

    375g rock salt

    250g caster sugar

    125g elderflower syrup

    375ml white wine

    To serve:

    good olive oil

    lemon juice

    celery, finely diced

    chives, finely chopped

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Starter serves 2

“This recipe is based on a recipe we use at the Seahorse,” Mitch says. “It’s a lovely cure for salmon that’s sweet and peppery. We use Nepalese peppercorns in the cure for this dish. They have a distinct, intense smell of grapefruit which works really well with the sweetness of elderflower. If you can’t get Nepalese peppercorns, replace with pink peppercorns. Look for the Scandinavian syrup brands as they’re good and not too sweet or, better still, make your own! There are plenty of recipes out there; the key ingredient is finding yourself some lovely local elderflowers. To serve, slice thinly like smoked salmon or cut through the fish crossways to give a nice ‘D’ slice.”

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Begin by making the cure. Put all cure ingredients except the white wine and elderflower syrup into a food processor and blitz for 20 seconds to mix the ingredients and crack some of the spices.


Spread ½ this mixture in the bottom of a non reactive container that will snuggly hold the fish.


Place the fillets of salmon on top of this cure mix in one layer. Sprinkle over the remaining cure to completely cover the fish.


Pour over the wine mixed with the elderflower syrup, cover and refrigerate for 12 hours


After 12 hours turn the salmon and return to the fridge for a further 12 hours.


After curing, remove the salmon from the brine and gently wash under cold water, pat dry the fillets and place back into a clean container.


Serve by slicing thinly, drizzling with a little olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and sprinkling with the celery, chives and a few flakes of salt.

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