Chilli salt and pepper squid


    400g whole squid, cleaned and cut into bite-size pieces

    a handful of rice or gluten free flour

    1 tbsp coarse salt

    1 tbsp ground white peppercorns, roughly ground

    1 tbsp black peppercorns, roughly ground

    1 tbsp szechuan peppercorns, roughly ground

    1 tbsp pink peppercorns, crushed

    handful of chopped coriander

    1 red chilli finely sliced

    1 lime for squeezing

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Main serves 2

Mitch Tonks, acclaimed chef and author (and owner of The Seahorse in Dartmouth and the Rockfish chain), shares this squid-a-licious recipe. He says: “If you love calamari and care about sustainable seafood, get yourself to a fishmonger for some squid. This is one of my favourite squid dishes; it’s not hard to do, but you need to get it right. The key thing is the massaging of the flour, as a quick dip doesn’t give you that uneven crispy coat – rice or gluten free flour makes the crispest squid and the lightest barely-there coating. The only other important thing is hot, clean oil in the fryer. If it’s too cold, the squid won’t crisp – and no one likes the taste of dirty oil. Be bold with the pepper; you want it to be a flavour explosion in the mouth.”

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Simply dip the squid in water then into the flour and massage in until you have a rough, uneven coating


Heat your fryer to 170C then fry the squid until crisp. This takes only a few minutes.


Toss the squid in the salt and peppercorns as soon as it comes out of the fryer. Drizzle with a generous serving of good olive oil.


Serve sprinkled with coriander and chilli and a good squeeze of lime juice.

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