Andy's ultimate tortilla


    3 tbsp olive oil

    30g butter

    5 banana shallots, sliced

    300g Jersey Royal potatoes, peeled and

    cubed (other waxy potatoes will also work)

    2 garlic cloves (or 5 leaves of wild garlic,

    thinly sliced)

    4 whole eggs, beaten

    4 extra egg yolks, beaten

    generous grating nutmeg

    generous pinch smoked paprika

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Other serves 4

A tortilla is such a great accompaniment to other tapas treats like pan-fried chorizo or garlic prawns (or even a certain sobrasadastuffed quail!), but it’s also just as great on its own. As Pete is keeping the recipe for his tortilla Española (pictured above) close to his chest – my powers of persuasion were, this time, fruitless – here’s my own, easy-to-cook version of the Spanish staple. I use shallots instead of onion for a sweeter flavour, and the trick is to not overcook it, so it’s nice and oozy inside

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Put a non-stick frying pan over a low heat. Cook the shallots slowly in the oil and butter until soft and caramelised.


Add the potatoes to the pan, then cover and cook for a further 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the spuds are soft, add a pinch of salt and white pepper. Crush the garlic cloves (or add the wild garlic) and stir into the mixture, along with the grated nutmeg. Then add the beaten eggs and egg yolks.


Cover with a lid (or a tin foil cartouche if, like me, you can never find the right lid!) and leave the tortilla to cook slowly. After 15 minutes, the edges and base will be golden brown, and the top will be set, but the middle still showing a wobble. To finish cooking it needs to be flipped: slide it onto a plate, put another plate on top, turn it over and slide it back into the pan to finish cooking for a further 5 minutes.

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