Sweet onion and goats’ cheese ravioli


    5 large red onions (finely sliced)

    glass of port

    glass of red wine

    3 tsp soft brown sugar

    1 egg

    pinch of nutmeg and pepper

    500 g semolina or pasta flour

    500 g plain flour

    500 g eggs (12-14 organic eggs)

    handful of toasted walnuts

    1 teaspoon walnut oil

    grated nutmeg


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Main serves 1

Oh sure, supermarket shelves are packed with ready-made stuffed pastas – but we, of course, can go one better! Forget the familiar spinach and ricotta varieties, and look to seasonal produce to pack your ravioli, says Diego Da Re.

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Combine all the pasta ingredients and form two or three dough parcels. Wrap in film and chill overnight.


Put the egg and goats’ cheese in a food processor (or mash up with a fork in a bowl), add pepper and nutmeg.


When you have rolled out the pasta, place the onion mixture onto it first, followed by the cheese mixture, and make into the desired shapes (ravioli, tortelli, strozzapreti, caramelle, quadrotti, or whatever your favourite is).


Cook in boiling water (but go easy with the salt, as there is plenty in the cheese!)


For the sauce, warm all the ingredients together – but avoid boiling, of course. Finish off with walnut sauce, herbs and grated Parmesan.

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