Circa 1924’s Cloudy Lemonade


    50ml stolichnaya vodka

    50ml lemon juice

    50ml 1:1 sugar syrup (either bought or made)

    25ml orgeat syrup

    lemon slice and a sprig of dill (to garnish)

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Main serves 1

Circa 1924’s Cloudy Lemonade is a twist on the British summertime favourite. Perfect as a refreshing after work drink,  as a tipple at a garden party or a treat on a warm, sunny weekend. Although this is Jackson, our mixologist’s favourite, it is surprisingly simple to make and all it needs is a good shake or stir, et voilà, you can serve up, sit back and relax.

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Combine all ingredients and shake vigorously.


Pour into your glass and garnish with lemon slice and dill. 

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