Panko-coated lobster with chilli jam


    1 live medium local lobster (around 800g)

    some plain flour

    sparkling water

    panko breadcrumbs

    50g finely chopped shallots

    20g finely chopped garlic

    30g finely chopped red chilli

    20g finely chopped ginger

    1 cup sherry vinegar

    4 tbsp dark soy sauce

    1/2 a cup sugar (palm sugar preferable)

    3 tsp shrimp paste

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Main serves 2

Tom Bunn is chef at Favis of Salcombe

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Put the live lobster into the freezer for 1 hour to send it to sleep then blanch in boiling water for 2 minutes, then straight into ice water to cool. When cold cut the lobster in half and crack the claws, remove all the meat and cut into 3 or 4 cm pieces and store in the fridge.


To make the jam, place all the ingredients into a heavy saucepan along with 1/2 the sugar and cook slowly for 20 mins, check the consistency and taste and add more sugar to thicken if needed.


For the batter, whisk together the plain flour and sparkling water to form a thin batter. 


Place the lobster pieces into the batter then into the panko crumbs, shake off any excess and deep fry until golden in hot oil.


Serve with the chilli jam, fresh coriander, wedges of lime and tempura wild garlic flowers. (Dip the wild garlic flowers into plain flour then into your thin batter mix from the lobster and deep fry in very hot oil).

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