If you've got this far into the website, we have to assume you're something of a fan of Crumbs: you like what we're doing here, and you maybe can see ways in which advertising with us would help your business. Well, hurrah! If you haven't seen it already, please do take a look at our advertising media packs.

To get involved, give us a bell on 01225 475800, or if you'd prefer to drop us an email, that's fine too. We have a member of the team dedicated to each regional mag, and they'd love to hear from you:


Kyle Phillips: and Neil Snow:


Danielle Morris:


Simon Hawkins:

Need further persuasion? This is why we think advertising with us would be a really smart idea.

1: You've never seen a free magazine, one that covers food or anything else, as physically lovely as this. Beautiful to look at, and printed on rather wonderful paper, we think it's pretty amazing – and our audience tends to agree. This is a magazine for people to squabble over, pass around, and keep for ages – and as our readers are highly active and engaged consumers, always intrigued by something new, chances are they'll spend big with you too. (Oh yes, and they'll tell their friends: they're nothing if not opinion formers, the readers of Crumbs.)

2: Our editorial team, including Amanda Robinson, Mark Taylor, Jessica Carter and Matt Bielby, is one of the leading lights of the Westo Country food scene: we know everyone, have eaten everywhere, are vastly enthusiastic about the region and evangelical about pushing the sector. 

3: The writing in Crumbs is top-notch: snappy, entertaining, packed with info and keen to push everything that's impressive about the local foodie scene. Read anything in these pages and I'm confident you'll find yourself salivating embarrassingly – and if it's affecting you like that, think what it's doing to our readers!


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