About Crumbs Magazine: food and drink in Bristol, Bath and the South West

So, this is Crumbs…

Crumbs is a sharp, smart and sprightly exploration of the West’s thriving food scene. Our region’s grub has never been greater, and nor have the places we eat it at, but we’re on a mission to make it an even tastier place, ingredient by ingredient and meal by meal.

When it comes to food, we love all things local – and bet you do too. That’s why we have separate, dedicated mags for each of our patches: Bristol and Bath, the Cotswolds, and Devon.

In each issue, you’ll find us shouting about the best restaurants, pubs, cafés, bars and retailers in your area, as well as introducing the newest additions to the region’s delicious landscape.

We also lift the lid on the finest local talent, getting to know chefs, bartenders, producers, retailers and bloggers that bit better, and revealing those closely-guarded tricks of the trade.

As much as we can’t get enough of the West Country’s dining-out scene, we’re all for a night in too. Our mags showcase recipes and ingredients that will inspire you to get in that kitchen of yours to create your own culinary masterpieces, and give those professionals a run for their money.

We may already be the only mag of our kind, but we want to go one better. Our aim is to be the most inspirational, practical and drop-dead gorgeous free food magazine you've ever seen. We reckon we’re doing it pretty well, but that’s really something for you lovely lot to decide.