Take a seat at Crying Wolf, Cothams newest cocktail bar

We really aren’t crying wolf this time…

From the same team behind one of Bath’s most popular cocktail bars comes new Bristol joint Crying Wolf. Sat on Cotham Hill next to Pasta Loco, it looks set to be a real Saturday night hotspot for punters after sophisticated cocktails (or digestifs, after seeing off all that pasta next door). 

It’s all about showcasing the best of the South West here; cocktail syrups and cordials are homemade with local ingredients, and the fridge stocks with refreshments from neighbouring producers Wild Beer Co and Dunleavy

Regular bar snacks just won’t do alongside such a fine selection of beverages, so here you can tuck into the likes of pork pie from Buxton Butchers served with ale chutney that’s been made specially by Ruby and White. That’s much more like it.

The brains behind the new Bristol venture is Louis Lewis-Smith, owner of the award-winning Dark Horse in Bath. He’s ensured the new spot, which spans over two floors, is decked out in style and equipped with everything needed to create some seriously special cocktails – like a dedicated ice room, housing four different ice machines, for instance. That’s attention to detail.

Crying Wolf launches 7 December and is open from 5pm to 11pm, Monday to Saturday.