Real Bread Week 2018

Real Bread Week returns 24 February to 4 March for its tenth year. That bread, dough!

This year, it’s all about bigging up bakeries, celebrating additive-free loaves, and encouraging people to get involved.

What actually is ‘real bread’ though? We’re glad you asked.

The campaign defines real bread as a product that is made without the use of processing aids or any other artificial additives. We’ll toast to that.

Throughout the week there are loads of events and initiatives happening across the country including

bakers’ question time, at Bathford Village Shop and Café near Bath.

There’s also going to be plenty happening online with professional and amateur bakers posting one-minute


video clips.

are on the offensive, campaigning for people to switch from their sad supermarket loaves to real bread. They’ll be packing a delicious loaf from either Hobbs House Bakery or Mark’s Bread free with every order from their website. For the whole year!

Find out what else is going on for Real Bread Week and how you can get involved at