New pizza recipe taking Cotswold diners by storm

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New pizza recipe taking Cotswold diners by storm

12 Nov 2014

Chefs at The Ormond have created a new dish that’s proving pretty popular with sweet-toothed locals. The Tetbury restaurant has started serving 10” pizzas – baked with chocolate. Layers of the good stuff is loaded onto a thin and crispy base, and topped with chocolate brownie, white chocolate, marshmallows and cherries.

Adrienne Bailey, owner of The Ormond, is excited about the quirky addition to the restaurant’s new pizza menu: “Our chocolate pizza tastes totally delicious and is proving really popular – it’s perfect for sharing after a meal or as a take-out treat. We believe that we are the only restaurant in the region baking chocolate pizza, but we’ve definitely hit upon a recipe which is tantalising Tetbury’s taste buds, and the word is spreading.”

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