Hip shops: Clifton Seafood

What: Seafood duh
Where: Museum Street, Wapping Wharf, Bristol BS1 6WE
When: Tues-Fri 10.30am 6.30pm; Sat 9.30am-5pm

Where are all the fishmongers? They seem to have diminished in number, just like neighbourhood butchers and bakeries, during the last couple of decades – an era ruled by the supermarket. Lately, stocks of the other two have been replenishing on this patch, while fishmongers –on our turf, at least –have been a bit slower to make a comeback.

But making a comeback they are, and Clifton Seafood is a great example of a modern incarnation of this traditional shop. The small business began as a purely wholesale outfit, supplying restaurants across Bristol and Somerset, and was founded by Jonny Glanvill (a long-time industry pro with 20 years experience, whose previous business gave birth to this one) and Rozzy Turner, who you’ll find running the new retail arm down near the harbourside at Wapping Wharf.

This shipping container shop opened in December last year, positioned next to Pizzarova at the end of Cargo2. Here, you’ll always find plenty of white fish as well as the likes of mussels, scallops, line-caught tuna and salmon (cold- and hot-smoked, as well as fresh) in the heaving iced display cabinet. (If there’s anything you want that you can’t see, just ask the team, who can likely order it in for you).

This summer, you’ll also be able to pick up ready-prepped oysters, cockles, prawns, whelks and seafood skewers – exciting news for impending barbecues.

Want some guidance on what to buy and how to cook it? These guys are equipped with cooking tips, recommendations and advice – just like this nugget from Sam Yelland, who mans the shop with Rozzy.

“For me, the most under-loved fish would have to be line-caught Cornish mackerel right now. It’s really cheap and versatile and is so plentiful in July. It’s delicious just simply grilled or pan-fried with lemon and butter, and is also really nice raw, marinated in lime and coriander. Other fish in bountiful supply at the moment are bream, brill, turbot, gurnard, hake, plaice, and lovely big crabs. “If you’re worried about cooking seafood, you shouldn’t be –it’s so easy. Start with a fillet of cod or salmon, maybe. Brush it with a little oil and butter, season and whack it into a preheated oven at 220C for 10 minutes for lovely juicy fish.”

Rozzy is similarly enthusiastic about getting people experimenting with seafood at home, noting that much of our shore’s produce is often overlooked.

“There are so many different species of fish in the UK, and we eat such a tiny percentage of what’s available,” she says.

Can’t swing by during opening hours? No bother – you can order from these guys online through Good Sixty and get your loot delivered to your door.