Grand opening for Bath Ales’ new Hare Brewery

Bath Ales don’t do anything by halves. Well, apart from pints…

After years of development and millions of pounds of investment, Hare Brewery in Warmley has finally opened its doors, doubling the output of the Bath Ales.

It’s a monstrous building that at full-tilt can brew over 14 million pints a year, with the new four-vessel capacity allowing the team to have several different styles of beer on the go at once. That’s good news for the recent additions to the core Bath Ales range, which include a new lager called Sulis and a West Coast IPA taking its name, Lansdown, from the local area. Both will be brewed here along with popular favourites such as Gem.

Darren James, senior brewer, is relishing firing up the equipment that has largely been designed from the ground up after Bath Ales was successfully acquired by

St Austell Brewery

in 2016.

“Extra capacity means more beer for Bath Ales’ drinkers, including our flagship ale Gem. And we’ve already started brewing a wider range of beer styles on the new equipment including Sulis, our first lager.

“We’re quite literally opening the doors to the brewhouse in that beer fans will be able to see it for themselves – we’ll be holding regular brewery tours which means that people can see our new kit and visit our taproom to taste our beers at their freshest.”

To mark the opening of the new brewery, a 160ft long giant hare has been created on a hill in Bathford. It must all be about the hops…