6 reasons to buy a ticket to the Coffee House Project

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Steady yourselves, things are about to get frothy

The Coffee House Project is the first coffee festival of its kind in Bristol, with a whopping 50 exhibitors planned to join the two-day celebration of caffeine.

As well as filling the Passenger Shed with appealing aromas of some of the best coffee in the world, there’s plenty of workshops and entertainment to drink-in. Here are some of our top picks for an unmissable weekend of coffee.

1. Coffee and chocolate pairing

Bread and butter. Gin and tonic. Torvill and Dean. Some things are just meant to be together. Coffee and chocolate is one such duo. Chocolate connoisseurs Rio Nuevo Chocolate will be in attendance at the Coffee House Project to lead you through a coffee and chocolate pairing. Head to their session to explore a world of exciting flavour contrasts and pairings, and how to find the perfect balance.

2. Tea done properly: A guided tasting

It’s not all coffee. Hosted by Good & Proper Tea this tasting will give guests an insight into where world-class tea is grown, how it is produced, and how provenance has a real impact of flavour.

3. Latte art masterclass

Dhan Tamang has been UK Latte Art Champion for the past 5 years for very good reason. Known for his intricate and exciting designs, Dhan will be on hand to take you through a milky masterclass for just £5 per booking. Prepare to experience a new found respect for your local barista, it’s harder than it looks! If anyone can recreate the Crumbs logo you have our utmost respect.

4. Espresso Martini workshop

Now we’re talking. Learn how to create the perfect espresso martini with Tia Maria ambassador Stephanie Rainbow. Get those cocktail shakers out in what is sure to be one of the most popular sessions. Well, you’re going to need something cold after all that coffee.

5. The cupping table

You’ve tasted good coffee, but have you really tasted it?

Hosted by Extract Coffee Roasters, this session will put the spotlight on some of the best roasters from the South West. Time to wake up your palate and get to grips with commodity vs speciality processing and origin, processing methods and brush-up on your ability to taste coffee from different geographical areas. Get you.

6. Coffee in good spirits competition

Hosted by The Speciality Coffee Association, budding bartenders and baristas will be preparing their signature version of the original Irish coffee (hot or cold). They’ll be judged on technical skills, visual appearance and flavour. To enter you must register online here.

The Coffee House project runs 7-8 September and also features food vendors Pinkmans, The Cowshed and Swoon as well as live music from the Hard Lines. Online tickets are priced at £14 for Friday and £12 for Saturday which includes free coffee & food samples with a tote goodie bag.


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