This community deli needs you

A community convenience store opening soon with your help

Find it hard to get your hands on your favourite produce? Holly Chalmers had the same problem. But rather than admit defeat, Holly set about founding her own monthly BS5 market in St George, as you would. But why stop there? Next up, a full blown community convenience store!

Close to St George park and next to Bristol Loaf, the community deli, named Butterfingers, will stock fresh fruit and veg, as well as meats, and cheese. All sourced locally.

To continue supporting small businesses and startups, the Butterfingers will also be available for people to hire out in the evenings and host their own workshops and supper clubs.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign that you can get involved in with loads of great rewards, but of course, the biggest reward of all will be a great new addition to the community. And treats – many tasty treats.

Pledge here

and check out the video below