Bristol’s one of a kind breakfast delivery

Breakfast delivery service expands to cover from BS1 to BS8

We know the struggle. A little night-before over-indulgence leaves you ravenous on Saturday morning, but the cupboards are empty and you can’t quite muster the energy to leave the house. If only there was someone who could scour Bristol for the best possible produce for a fry-up and deliver it to your door…

Introducing the Epic Breakfast Company. Owner Ollie has launched his new operation in Bristol delivering you a crate filled with the finest ingredients for the king of fry-ups. All you need is a frying pan and one hell of an appetite.

We love that it’s all delivered in reusable packaging – glass bottles, glass containers, and beeswax wraps – that get picked up later that day, or on the Sunday evening. So, you don’t need to get out of your pyjamas (dinosaur patterned, if you were asking) to leave the house at any point that day, should you wish to continue hibernating. 

What’s in the box?

The wooden crate (and it is a hefty crate) is packed with everything you could possibly want from a breakfast, and then some. Kick-off with some giant pastries from Assembly Bakery of Old Market and a glass of naturally cloudy apple juice from Barley Wood Orchard before unpacking the main event. There’s a choice of either meat, fish, or vegan produce for the cooked element of the breakfast. The standard box feeds two, and larger portions are available on request for more lucky guests.

We recently gave the meat option a road test and received thick-cut bacon, sausages, and hockey-puck-sized black pudding slices sourced from T and PA Murray Limited butchers on Gloucester Road. Popping the lid from the next containers like an excited child on Christmas Day, we uncovered pre-prepared organic potato and kale mix for bubble and squeak that we were instructed (via the handily laminated cooking guidelines) to shape into patties ready to fry.

The next boxes revealed two free-range eggs from Chestnut Farm in Frampton Cotterell, mushrooms and pre-roasted garlic-stuffed organic tomatoes from Matter Wholefoods, and a portion of Emer’s homemade organic beans. There was barely room on the kitchen counter for the epic wedges of sourdough (Assembly Bakery again), let alone on our plate.

Despite my best attempts to sabotage breakfast by handling roasting-hot panhandles, 20 minutes later we had plated up and it didn’t look half bad, if I do say so myself. A curation at the best of the West in breakfast form. Just try not to burn it.

The Epic Breakfast Company is currently only delivering from BS1 to BS8 but has plans to cover up to BS16 soon.