Bristol café removes avocado from menu

Tincan really don’t give a guac!

That’s right. In a bold move, Tincan Coffee Co have removed avocado from their breakfast menu. Owners Adam and Jessie couldn’t continue to ignore issues surrounding the production of the instagram favourite,

“We love an avocado, particularly when it is on sourdough with an egg, but the ethics behind running a café have always been important to us. Serving avocados, knowing the huge socio-economic impact that avocado farming is having in Mexico and California just didn’t feel right.”

The huge environmental impact of farming avocados is becoming increasingly understood from

the vast amounts of water needed to farm the now ubiquitous breakfast staple, to the illegal deforestation happening to make way for it. Keeping avocado on the menu simply doesn’t fit with Tincan’s ethos and so the avocado has gone.

It’s not all bad news for brunch fans though, Tincan has just launched a swish new menu that includes such delights as American sourdough pancakes, seasonal ‘shrooms and breakfast bubble and squeak.