Bath hotel says au revoir to foie gras

Foir gras is off the menu for good at The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Chef Dan Moon of luxury hotel The Gainsborough Bath Spa has done away with foie gras in the restaurant. After strong campaigning work by local vegan charity Viva!, which saw Bath’s council-registered eateries stop serving the ingredient, Moon has swapped out the controversial meat for a more ethical alternative.

“We chose to move to ‛foie royale’ for ethical and sustainability reasons,” he told us. “I felt that my signature dish would sit much more comfortably with me and with our guests this way, as foie royale comes from free-roaming ducks that are not force-fed.” Foie gras production is banned in the UK (as well as many other countries), although it’s still legal to import it.

Dan Moon, head chef at Gainsborough Bath Spa