All change at long-standing Stokes Croft restaurant

The spirit of The Arts House Café will be preserved…

The well-known Arts House Café is starting a brand new chapter very soon, it’s been announced. As part of it’s new identity comes a new name, of course, which is – drumroll, please – Caper and Cure.

Owners Giles Coram and Craig Summers (front-of-house pro and chef respectively, who worked together at former Clifton outfit Wallfish) took the business over 18 months ago, and have decided now is the time to really put their own stamp on it. 

They indulged in a little wordplay when coming up with the name, citing the relevance of alternative meanings for both caper (‘a ridiculous escapade’ and ‘a salted and pickled flower bud’) and cure (‘to make well and treat successfully’ and ‘salt and preserve meat, fish and vegetables’) in their new endeavour. 

The building has a long history, having started life as a grocery store in the 1890s before being split into smaller units, the portion where Caper and Cure is having been a chemist (hence the special relevance of ‘cure’). 

The food offering will be similar in concept to what the pair serve now – think great brunches and seasonal, refined small-plate dinners – with roasts served on Sundays. We’re looking forward to seeing a few new dishes added to already stellar creations, as Jess found tested out when she visited last year

Expect the change over to happen mid-September.