Top Bristol chefs to assemble for critical cause

Poco and The Chefs’ Manifesto are joining forces to host a one-of-a-kind feast and discussion, with food cooked by some of the region’s most celebrated chefs….

Close you’re eyes for a sec (hey, you can trust us), and try to picture what a 100-percent sustainable diet might look like. This is exactly what will be going on at the Future Food Banquet (although, rest assured you will be allowed to keep your eyes open, then).

Hosted by award-winning eco restaurant Poco and The Chefs’ Manifesto – a network of sustainability-led food pros – the multi-course banquet will be cooked up by local greats such as Peter Sanchez of Casamia, Rob Howell of Root and Romy Gill MBE – as well as Poco’s own killer chefs, Ian Clark and Maddie Canvin. Each dish will adhere to the manifesto criteria (think conscientiously grown ingredients, minimalisation of waste, and maximisation of nutrition and accessibility) and have its own story to tell.

The large-scale banquet will see long, communal tables stretching across the Colston Hall’s pedestrian bridges in the lofty glass atrium. A pretty impressive picture, no? 

As well as the feast, there will be an expert panel discussion chaired by Sheila Dillon (also involving Tim Lang, author of Sustainable Diets and Patrick Holden CBE, founder of the Sustainable Food Trust) to explore the future of our food landscape and its sustainability.

“At this crux point in human history, with the environment we all rely on at a cliff edge, it’s clear that real and rapid change is needed if we’re to pull back from that precipice,” says Poco co-owner, Ben Pryor. “We’re working with the Chefs’ Manifesto to create a global community of chefs; working together collaboratively and using their myriad restaurants, platforms and influence to advocate for the changes we need to see. This event is just that.”

The event is taking place on 17 June as part of Bristol Food Connections; tickets are £46 (with all proceeds going to Bristol Food Producers) and include a welcome cocktail.