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1: You've never seen a free magazine, one that covers food or anything else, as physically lovely as this. Beautiful to look at, and printed on rather wonderful paper, we think it's pretty amazing – and our audience tends to agree. This is a magazine for people to squabble over, pass around, and keep for ages – and as our readers are highly active and engaged consumers, always intrigued by something new, chances are they'll spend big with you too. (Oh yes, and they'll tell their friends: they're nothing if not opinion formers, the readers of Crumbs.)

2: Our editorial team, including Melissa Stewart, Jessica Carter and Dan Izzard, is one of the leading lights of the West Country food scene: we know everyone, have eaten everywhere, are vastly enthusiastic about the region and evangelical about pushing the sector. 

3: The writing in Crumbs is top-notch: snappy, entertaining, packed with info and keen to push everything that's impressive about the local foodie scene. Read anything in these pages and I'm confident you'll find yourself salivating embarrassingly – and if it's affecting you like that, think what it's doing to our readers!


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