Why we’re heading to Gloucester Road this Veganuary

Move over vegan steak bake…

Plant-focused cooks are more determined than ever, it seems, to prove that vegan food can deliver the same satisfaction as our fave meaty dishes.

Dan Chappel, head chef at Suncraft, is no exception. So, with Veganuary in full swing, and with a hankering for something with a bit of bite, we headed to the Gloucester Road restaurant, where Dan was on hand to prepare his latest addition to the plant-based menu.

Created by the same people behind The Gallimaufry (which was named Best Foodie Pub at the last Crumbs awards, don’t you know), Suncraft opened in 2018. Dishes are inspired by cuisines from countries that lie near the equator (think Columbia and Ethiopia) and are all vegan as well as gluten-free.

The newest dish here is the chilli sin carne (chilli without meat) and is packed with veg like cauliflower, butternut squash and jackfruit. It’s slow-cooked with chipotle and ancho chillies to give it a deep smoky taste and good ol’ kick of heat. The chilli is then heaped on top of tortilla chips and topped with onion relish, almond feta, chillies and coriander.

We found that mounding a bit of everything on a tortilla chip was the way to go, the fibrous jackfruit holding everything together and the onion relish providing a nice sharp contrast to the chilli itself. 

(We also dug into some corn arepas, which are Columbian corncakes made with 100% maise flour; all the food here is gluten-free as well as vegan. The cakes are cut from fresh dough and fried on a griddle, sliced in half and filled with black beans, Cajun-spiced sweet potato, almond feta and salsa.

Like the sound of this fiery, smoky bowl of goodness? You’re in luck: we’ve got the recipe for you right here. Or, head to the restaurant to try the original, made by the pros, this January and tell the team that Crumbs sent you to get your drink half price. Aren’t we good to you!