Which Bristol coffee shop ranks as one of the most Instagrammed in the country?

#NoFilter (but there is filter coffee)

Bristol’s Full Court Press has come fifth on a list of the most instagrammed coffee shops in the UK. In a report conducted by Shredall SDS Group, the Broad Street coffee shop notched up 2,476 images on the beloved social media platform. 

Browsing Full Court Press’ Instagram page, it’s not hard to see why coffee aficionados can’t help whipping out their phones for the perfect ’gram. The café is known for its uncompromising pursuit of quality coffee, with a constantly rotating offering featuring beans from some of the worlds best roasters. 

The table was calculated by looking at how many times each location had been tagged, mentioned, hashtagged or had its location used in a post. 

Topping the league table with a whopping 8345 posts (although probs a few more by the time you read this) was Steam Yard in Sheffield, closely followed by London’s Palm Vaults, with 8,171 posts. London, unsurprisingly, came out on top as the most Instagrammed coffee shop city, but we’re mighty proud of our Bristol.