Service please! StreetSmart calls for restaurant partners

It couldn’t be easier to get involved with this great cause and support local homeless charities

Established in 1998, charity initiative StreetSmart has since raised over £9million for homeless charities – and it’s all been done through restaurants. 

See, during November and December, a voluntary £1 donation is added to diners’ bills at participating venues. All those individual donations are added up and passed to StreetSmart to help deliver vital funds to support isolated and vulnerable people throughout the winter. And, as all the operational costs of StreetSmart are paid for by its sponsor, LandAid, every single penny raised goes directly to the people who need it. 

The response to the initiative has been overwhelmingly positive in both Bath and Bristol, with restaurants across both cities signing up to get involved in previous years. But we know we can do even better for 2019… 

So, if you own a restaurant, get in touch with Streetsmart – stat – to sign up (it’s super easy, honest). Then, once you’re on the list, Tweet us or tag us on Instagram to let us know (maybe with a photo of a dish or drink you’re serving over November and December – we’re nosy like that) and we’ll make sure local diners know they can support great causes while eating with you.