The South West gin now available in cans

Crushing it

Thornbury-based drinks producer Bramley and Gage has just canned its gin. Don’t worry, we mean ‘canned’ in the good sense – as of today, you can now get your hands on premixed 6 O’clock London Dry gin and premium tonic, in single servings. 

There’s also a light-calorie, low-alcohol can, which clocks in at just 0.8% ABV while promising to pack the same crisp refreshing punch as its boozy sibling. 

With the days (finally) getting longer, we can see these being supped at food and music festivals and (don’t judge us) on the train home after a long day. 

Speaking ahead of the launch, founder and head distiller Michael Kain said, “These G&Ts are handcrafted by us to guarantee the strikingly smooth taste in the convenience of a can. Now there is no need to sacrifice quality or taste.“

The new cans are available direct from the 6 O’clock Gin website.