New bread delivery service isn’t loafing about

For when you feel the knead

New outfit One Mile Bakery Paulton has this low-food-miles thing licked. Run from a domestic kitchen in Paulton, the business sees tiny batches of bread, soups and preserves cooked up and delivered by bike to subscribers within a one-mile radius. 

“I really enjoy meeting subscribers in my local community each week, and chatting to them about what I’ve made,” says owner Becky Mears. “The deliveries are a surprise each week, and different every week, and the idea is that it’s a treat brought to your door at teatime.”

Bread fans outside the tasty catchment area needn’t (kneadn’t?) fret. Becky also teaches a range of baking classes to small groups in her kitchen that cover all skill levels, from introductions into baking and kids classes to sourdough baking, Italian baking and vegan baking. 

Workshops are a civilised affair, taking place in small groups over a full-day and including a tasty two-course lunch with a glass of wine. 

They’re priced at £125 and can be booked directly through the One Mile Bakery website. (At the moment, though, there’s an early bird discount of 15% on all bookings and gift vouchers until 31 May 2020 using the Code OMBSPRING2020.)