Mental health initiative for the hospitality industry launches

The Burnt Chef Project is hosting its first Bristol event in January

Working in professional kitchens is a tough gig. Chefs often work long hours at antisocial times in uncomfortable environments, and under huge pressure. It’s unsurprising that maintaining positive mental health can be a real challenge. 

Having worked closely with the hospitality industry for eight years through his food supplier and photography business, Kris Hall set up The Burnt Chef Project to raise awareness, break down the stigmas and provide support to those suffering with mental health issues in the hospitality trade. 

On the 27 January, the Bristol Old Vic Theatre will host the city’s first The Burnt Chef meetup, a chance for like-minded individuals to get together and promote positive change within the industry.

The night is aimed at educating hospitality attendees about the subject of mental health including understanding the subject of mental health, increasing awareness, and practical tips on how to help improve the mental health of both attendees and their colleagues. 

The talk will be approximately an hour with a particular focus on stress, burnout, anxiety, depression and addiction. 

Working with charity Mind, Kris aims for The Burnt Chef Project to act peer-to-peer support network that will be able to provide training and consultancy to manage stress effectively and to help individuals recognise the signs of mental health issues. 

Tickets are now available for £10 with all proceeds raised being put towards subsidising a 2-day Mental Health First Aid training (MHFA) session for 10 hospitality staff later in the year.

Images: Kris Hall