The evolution of meal subscription boxes?

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We’ve tried our fair share of meal boxes and subscriptions. They are a pretty nifty way to mix things up and try new dishes. But what happens when you miss a delivery though? Or a spot at the hottest restaurant in town opens up and you just can’t say no? That’s where Simply Cook come in. Rather than trying to send an entire weekly shop in the post, they’ve been a bit clever and will only send you the spices, powders, oils and other ingredients that you need to whip-up dishes with ingredients from your own fridge. That also means the delivery box can fit through your letterbox so no awkward conversations with the neighbor you only ever see when you’re picking up parcels.

Try your first four meals for £3

The idea is a simple one; pick your recipes from their website and you’ll be sent the exact amount of spices, rubs, oils and pastes that you need to whip up four tasty meals. As there are no fresh ingredients, that means no delivery woes – the boxed pop right through a standard letterbox. The packs themselves feed two to four people depending on portion size and you can enjoy loads of great recipes like beef massaman, South Indian salmon or chicken tostadas.


Try your first four meals for £3

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