Here’s how to celebrate National Barbecue Week in style

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Stock up on charcoal and dig out those tongs, ’cause National Barbecue Week is back

It’s time, we think, to take our collective British relationship with barbecuing to the next level. We’ve all got the basics of grilling, but there’s so much more joy to be had from outdoor cooking than sausages, burgers and – if you’re feeling fancy – a decent steak. Especially seeing as there’s some properly nifty kit out there to make use of, too – good enough to have us cooking outdoors year-round. 

We recently got our hands on a brand new Prestige Barbecue – which combines an oven, grill and smoker – to test out some more daring recipes. Don’t get us wrong, we love a hot dog, but when the team from the Devilled Egg Kitchen Academy got involved we decided to aim more for the realms of roast chicken and pizza. And boy, were we into the results. Check out the video below to see what we rustled up. 

Planning a barbecue of your own this week? Try the harissa prawn recipe that we whipped up – it’s a winner and can be cooked on any barbecue.