Kitchen Armoury: AGA 3 Series

With its new 3 Series, AGA gets modern while retaining everything we loved about it before. it’s a neat trick, says Matt Bielby

I’ve got a 3 Series, and it’s just about perfect: not too big, not too small, good fun, classy but not flashy, holds its value well, and I can squeeze five people into it, at a push.

Eh? What are you, some sort of especially greedy cannibal?

No, a thrusting young executive!

Pfff! You’re not young, you’re definitely not thrusting – or if you are, I don’t want to know about it – and you seem to have forgotten that Crumbs is more Jamie Oliver than Jeremy Clarkson. So stop with the car talk, yeah? BMW isn’t the only one makes a 3 Series, you know. AGA’s got one too.

AGA! And I thought my BMW was expensive…

Okay, so the famous Swedish-born, British-made range cookers are never exactly cheap, but – like your sporty little executive saloon – you might just decide that their latest model is pretty good value all the same. The thing with the new 3 Series is that it’s the first ever AGA to offer an induction hob on top, alongside the classic AGA hotplate. In fact, it’s a more modern sort of AGA all round, coming in lots of different versions and colours, and giving more flexibility than the brand’s more traditional models.

How so?

Glad you asked! All 3 Series have a roasting or baking oven, a simmering oven and a warming oven, plus a triple-element hotplate up top, which automatically comes up to temperature when opened – but there are additional options beyond all that. Do you want more built-in storage space? And what about a warming plate – or would you prefer a state-of-the-art two-zone induction hob? This is an AGA you can tailor to your needs.

It sounds very modern! I thought AGAs were about eccentric, old-fashioned cooking…

If, by ‘old-fashioned’, you mean they work using cast-iron radiant heat, then that’s still true – and proudly so. Instead of the blast of hot air that regular ovens cook with, heat comes at your food from every inner surface simultaneously – it’s basically a better (if fairly long-in-the-tooth) system. But now you get up-to-date elements like that fancy induction hob, too.

So it’s like Liam Neeson in Taken?

Just so. (As long as we’re only talking about the first one here.) It’s tough, old and handsome, made fresh, exciting and new.

AGA’s 3 Series starts at £7,895 for a three oven model. Check it out at the AGA store in Exeter;