Crumbs podcast: the first episode has landed!

Crumbs has launched a brand new podcast, and it kicks off with a fire-cooking special…

That’s right, Crumbs has a brand new food-focused podcast. Expect plenty of chat on the latest news, trends and trailblazers from the South West and beyond, all served up with the aim of helping us make the most of our local food and drink scene.

In the very first episode – a fire-cooking special – team Crumbs (Jess Carter, Nat Brereton and Dan Izzard) talk about the aperitivo bar and deli just opened by the Pasta Loco team, mysterious chef collaboration event that is Sunday Sessions, the packaging-free trial from Waitrose, #Watergate and how to win tickets for this year’s Valley Fest.

And that’s just for starters. Given the rise of fire cooking and the imminence of barbeuce weather (any day now, right?!), we chat to the queen of the fire pit Genevieve Taylor, founder of The Cauldron Henry Eldon, and the pair behind brand new barbecue festival Smoke Fest

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