Crumbs podcast episode 2

Negroni’s centenary, The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, dining and dashing, and Crumbs Awards Judges revealed!

This week we celebrate the Negroni’s 100th birthday (no, sadly, not by drinking it, but by delving into its history and finding out where serves the best versions on our patch – a topic that people apparently have rather strong opinions on), and the fact that Jess finally made her TV debut. Okay, we told her that’s what it was, but really we just wanted the inside scoop from what went on behind the scenes at Channel 4’s The Restaurant that Makes Mistakes. 

We also touch on the Wahaca dine-and-dash news (charing servers for their tables who do a runner without paying = not okay), get the low-down on Freddy Bird’s new restaurant (spoiler: it’s going to be your new neighbourhood fave), and chat to Poco’s Jen Best and Ben Pryor about their recent future food event. 

As if that wasn’t quite enough to satisfy your appetite, we also announce the Crumbs Awards judges. Hurrah! 

Show notes:

Watch The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes

The BBC on the change of Wahaca dine and dash policy

Little French and @littlefrench_Bristol on Instagram

The Chef’s Manifesto

The EAT Lancet Commission

Crumbs Awards entries (deadline is 11th July!)