[Video] Bath cheese crowned Supreme Champion

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Following their recent triumph, we visited the Bath Soft Cheese Company in search of the ultimate cheeseboard

Where better to get some cheese board recommendations than at the home of Bath Soft Cheese at Park Farm in Kelston. Hugh Padfield and his team recently bagged Supreme Champion at this year’s National Artisan Cheese Awards for their flagship number.

The centuries-old recipe for this winning cheese – which was once locally prolific – was discovered by Graham Padfield in old grocer’s recipe book back in the ’90s. He decided to revive it using milk from the family farm – and the rest is history.

As well as the famous Bath Soft, the Padfield family have developed a number of other award-winning cheeses, with all the production taking place at Park Farm, where you can see the cows being milked from the comfort of the on-site café.

We recently paid Grahams’ son Hugh a visit, to congratulate him on the win and find out just what makes Bath Soft so ‘supreme’. He recommend baking it just like you would a Camembert, with added rosemary or roasted garlic – and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. 

If you think you may have the same issue, then, boy, have we’ve got some good news for you. Place an order online with Abel and Cole and enter code CHEESYCRUMBS at the checkout to receive a free Bath Soft Cheese with your first order, then £10 off two further orders (we’d recommend bagging a sourdough loaf and some fig and balsamic chutney to go with that cheesey goodness).