7 top roasts in and around Bath

We’ve scoured Bath and the surrounding areas to find some of the best roasts to satisfy those cravings – and tips from the chefs on how to nail yours at home, too…

1. Bath Spa Hotel

Don’t worry about feeling too stuffed after a hefty roast here – it has plenty of acres of grounds to walk it off in. The beef is served nicely pink – something chef Jon Machin has perfected. “Ensuring your beef is at room temperature before cooking is essential; doing so means that the meat cooks evenly, allowing you to get a beautifully tender and rare finish,” he says.

2. Castle Farm (Bath)

At this gorgeous restaurant in a converted tractor shed, roasts are built to share, witha selection of meats and more trimmings than you can shake a stick at (including the crispiest roasties, freshest homegrown organic veg and as many extra helpings of gravy and Yorkies as you can handle).

For chef Pravin Nayar, a good roast is all about a relaxed process. “Don’t stress, start early, open a bottle of wine, put on Radio 2 and cook everything slowly, in batches,” he says. “Once it’s time to serve up, just give everything a blast in the oven!” 

3. The George (Bradford-on-Avon)

This place sure doesn’t do Sundays by halves, with its log fires roaring and epic sharing roasts on the menu. Choose from a board with a selection of meats or a whole roast chicken. If you’re not much of a sharer (or can’t wrangle your mates to help you out with those) there are roasts for one, too. We’ve got our eye on the leg of local venison… 

4. Hare and Hounds

Included with roasts here come unlimited helpings of sweeping views out over the lush greenery of the Cotswolds. Meat comes from the much-celebrated Ruby and White butchers, including the popular pork belly. “We brine the pork before cooking, which creates better texture on the meat,” says head chef Christopher Lynn. “The brine we use consists of sugar, water, salt, coriander seeds, bay leaves and fennel seeds.”

5. Homewood

Exec head chef James Forman takes his roast meat seriously, using sirloin cuts of Devon Ruby Red beef and getting a proper crackling on his pork, with beautifully melting fat between the skin and meat. “We pour boiling water over the pork before it goes in the oven then smother it with oil and rock salt. We then cook for 30 minutes on a very high heat to blister the skin before dropping it to ensure thorough cooking and turning it back up at the end.”

6. The Locksbrook Inn

Fancy getting out of the city? Grab your bike and make your way along the tow-path to The Locksbrook Inn. The spinach, walnut and lentil Wellington is a corker and they also serve bread sauce (for you roast purists). 

7. The Old Crown at Kelston

You know a venue isn’t messing about when they have pork crackling listed on the menu under ‘light bites’. Sitting on the fringes of The Cotswolds, in-between Bath and Bristol, 

The house special is the spiced lamb, which comes with all the trimmings as well as butternut puree, and proper duck fat roast potatoes.

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