Cannelle Et Vanille

Her creativity permeates her cooking, baking, styling and photography, and has established itself as a singular look and feel that can belong to no one else but Aran – a feat every blogger aspires to.

Ticking all the right boxes for what constitutes a splendid online read, our blog crushes are visually arresting, engaging, and above all, inspiring. Beautiful images that make for perfect visual grazing motivate us to capture special culinary moments on camera, and creative recipes prompt us to add our own tweaks to tried and true classics. Crumbs is always keen to meet the talent behind the blog, so we chat to our blog crush on what makes her content stand out and what her gastronomical preferences consist of.

Today’s blog crush is Cannelle et Vanille by Aran Goyoaga.

Bright, light and airy are words that are thrown around quite often when describing food photography, but very few personify this style better than Aran. Her blog is loved and celebrated for its large-scale photos filled with natural light, drawing readers in to a world of delectable, seasonal, and gluten-free delights. Most images are accented with Aran’s signature sprigs of fresh herbs and flowers, saturating the picture with a kind of freshness that is hard to replicate.

Baked goods are Aran’s forte – though other types of cooking are very much on par with her baking – and we find ourselves salivating over creations like beetroot tarte tatin, watermelon, tomato and almond gazpacho, and sugar plum and currant crumbly tart. Her creativity permeates her cooking, baking, styling and photography, and has established itself as a singular look and feel that can belong to no one else but Aran – a feat every blogger aspires to.

Her writing style is decidedly succinct and focuses on the virtues of great ingredients and personal narratives from her daily life, including her travels. It’s always a joy to read Aran’s blog, living vicariously through her exciting, edible adventures. 

Here’s what Aran has to say about her site:

Name: Aran Goyoaga

Location: South Florida, USA

Why is your blog called Cannelle Et Vanille? Even before I had a blog or ideas of having one, I loved the name Cannelle Et Vanille (which means cinnamon and vanilla). When my old executive pastry chef, who was French, pronounced those words, I asked him to repeat them over and over again. I love how the “i” sounds in French. Those are also the smells of my childhood growing up in my grandparents’ pastry shop. There was always milk cinnamon and vanilla steeping in milk.

What has been your favourite post? Probably my travel posts when I visit places I love like my homeland the Basque Country. 

What photography equipment do you use? I shoot with a Canon 5d Mark II and different Canon lenses. Sometimes I use a tripod, sometimes I don’t.

What other food blogs do you follow? I love many different food blogs and some of them are listed on my blog.

Why blog? and why food? Food is essential to my being. I live, think and feel food. It has been my family’s trade for generations and I cannot imagine a life without cooking or baking. Blogging came as a way to journal all the recipes I was doing at home, and as a way to share them with family and friends. I never thought anyone else outside that circle would read it.

What makes your blog special? That’s hard to answer… I think it’s a combination of stories, simple recipes that always incorporate (a bit of) an unexpected element, and photography.

How long have you been blogging for? Four and a half years.

You’re an expert on… Baking for sure.

One thing we can learn from reading your blog? About how to cook allowing seasons be your guide, as well as gluten-free baking that has great texture and is full of flavor.

One cooking tip? Never throw away vegetable scraps or even peels. Freeze them and use them in your vegetable stock. 

One photography tip? Make sure you find where the good light is in your home or wherever you are shooting. Light is everything.

A taste you could do without? I could probably live without meat.

Your last meal on earth would be… A really good risotto with foraged mushrooms, super fresh tiny clams, roasted garlic and lots of herbs. And then custard flavored with vanilla and cinnamon.

Twitter: @cannellevanille

* Aran has a new cookbook coming out this autumn called Small Plates and Sweet Treats: My Family’s Journey to Gluten-Free Cooking. It will be published in the UK on November 29. It features 120 original and naturally gluten-free recipes.


By Rosa Park

Images by Aran Goyoaga