12 ways to ace Cyber Monday

“Stay inside (it’s ruddy cold out, anyway), make yourself a cuppa, and bag yourself some of these top foodie gifts before they all sell out”

It’s officially December, so you’re officially behind on your Christmas shopping. Today is the day to get it done and dusted though, says JESSICA CARTER, all from the comfort of your sofa

If you’re anything like us, the fear that Black Friday instilled in you last week was enough to make you barricade yourself indoors for the entire day – but that’s not going to get any Christmas shopping done.

Or is it?

This, folks, is Cyber Monday. It’s the day when everyone (probably out of Black Friday-induced fatigue/injury/stress) flocks to the safety of the internet in a bid to get the bulk of their C-list ticked off, thus allowing them to escape two-day-long till queues as well as the wrath of ruthless shoppers and their rib-loving elbows.

So stay inside (it’s ruddy cold out, anyway), make yourself a cuppa, and bag yourself some of these top foodie gifts before they all sell out. Go!

Cocktail Condiment Gift Set  
Hawshead Relish 
You’re supposed to eat, drink and be merry at Christmas, right? Well, you can get it all done at once with these festive condiments. 

Gingerbread House Kit
This build-your-own kit from Cotswold-based Huffkins will keep the kids occupied for a while over Christmas. And the best part? They’ll probably need some help eating it all, too. 

Acacia Wooden Board
Berry Red

One of these, from Herefordshire-based online company Berry Red, are the only gift for that friend who drives you crazy by chopping on the kitchen counter. They need to learn. 

Manfood Pickle Gift Box
We Love Manfood
Stuck for a present for that bloke of yours, or a mate that just seems to already have everything? Not any more, you’re not. This tasty gift set will go down a treat with the cold Christmas spread. Don’t expect him to share, mind. 

Chilli Oil Box Gift Set
The Chilli Oil Company
We’ve all got a pal who loves the hot stuff – and these infused oils from a Wiltshire craft producer will be right up their street. There is even the option ot have your set gift wrapped with a personal message and shipped direct to the recipient. Job done. 

Crowned Leaf Measuring Cups
These gorge measuring cups are about form just as much as function – great for friends with style and a penchant for baking. (Warning: browse this website at your own risk – we can’t be held responsible for budgets blown.) 

Barbecue Tool Set
All Things Brighton Beautiful

OK, so barbecuing season may be a little while off, but with the unpredictable British weather surprising us at every turn, you can never be too prepared. 

Bread Making Kit
Hobbs House Bakery


When the mood strikes to whip up a loaf of homemade bread, you don’t want to have to wait six days while your sourdough starter ferments, let alone six decades. This kit from long-established Cotswold bakery Hobbs House includes its impressive 59-year-old starter as well as a scraper, water sprayer, baking basket, oven gloves and apron. 

Tablet Stand for Cooking 
Not on the High Street


Grab that tech-savvy cook of yours something practical and fun to open on C-Day. Disguised as a chopping board, this stand will keep that tablet out of trouble while they cook up a storm from its recipes (or watch videos of tiny hampsters eating tiny burritos).

Organic Sloe Gin and Hedgerow Liqueur Set 

Two bottles of delicious merriment in a fancy wooden carrier, straight from HRH Prince Charles’ Gloucestershire estate. Might be tempted to keep this one for yourself when it arrives. 

Hand Printed Stag Apron

Made by British designer Stephanie Cole, this quirky apron may just be the trendiest item of clothing you give this Christmas.

Vintage Mincer
Foodie Bugle

Even those foodie friends who seem to have everything wont have one of these antiques-cum-meat-mincers. Lucky this Bath-based online store does, then.