Scream for ice cream (yes, in January)

“Vee Double Moo’s frozen yogurt is made at Bridget’s home using organic milk and yogurt”

Ice cream is for life, not just for summer, says ADELAIDE NEWTON, as she speaks to food-on-the-moo-ve trader, Vee Double Moo

Bristol’s Vee Double Moo had a busy summer last year selling ice cream, frozen yogurt and churros out of its converted 1973 Type 2 Volkswagen campervan and its new Little Moo ice cream trike. Indeed, ice cream fans might have spotted the campervan around the Tobacco Factory, StrEAT, and at its pitch at Brandon Hill Park during 2012.

The business was started by Bristolian Bridget Pilkington, who came up with the idea while sitting in a field at a festival. The ice cream is sourced from Bristol’s Tarr‘s Ice Cream and Chew Moo’s, but Vee Double Moo’s frozen yogurt is made at Bridget’s home using organic milk and yogurt. In addition the team serve Fair Trade tea and coffee, a range of sundaes, alcoholic hot chocolate and homemade buttercream cakes.

For 2013 the gang has launched a new menu including ice-cream desserts such as vanilla swirl with bourbon whisky caramel, a hot marshmallow sundae, sour cherry bombe and American-style dipped cones.

The Vee Double Moo family (in its various guises) will be at the West Weddings Show on 10 February at Ashton Gate and the DubAid VW Festival in Wiltshire in March. But look our for ‘Daisy’, the original campervan, newbie ‘Ruby’ and ice cream trike ‘Little Moo’ at festivals, weddings, community events, markets and children’s parties throughout the year.