Wuthering Bites

“I began gluten-free cookery about four years ago and feel so much better, so I really just hope my blog will help others feel better, too.”

If you’re anything like the Crumbs online team, then most of your train journey/lunchhour/weekends in bed will be spent browsing food blogs. Whether it’s a feast for the eyes and littered with gorgeous food photography or an example of some seriously good writing and packed with foodie insights – it will be on our radar. There are some amazing local blogs around and our current Bristol-based ‘Blog Crush’ Wuthering Bites (great name) specialises in gluten-free cooking and eating

We’ll forgive Sarah Carter for her penchant for Kate Bush, as her blog Wuthering Bites is a great local resource for coeliacs and general gluttons alike. The site contains a mix of recipes (with beautiful photography), product reviews (a real help if you don’t fancy spending £5 on a packet of gluten-free cereal for it to only taste like cardboard) and restaurant reviews, all from an allergen perspective. There is also a regularly updated Gluten Free Bristol directory. And for cat lovers, look out for snapshots of Ash and Miko (they even have their own pages).

Here’s what Sarah has to say about the blog:

What has been your favourite post? I love certain posts for particular reasons but perhaps for guidance, I feel my Pastr-easy post on a guide to gluten-free pastry is one of my most valued posts by my readers and features a very addictive apple and raspberry jam tart with hazelnut crust recipe.

What photography equipment do you use? I use a standard Velbron tripod, Canon 550d with kit lens.

What other food blogs do you follow?  I follow Bristol Eating Adventures. Abby and Rich review restaurants and eating spots in the South West and occasionally London. Their humour, regular blogging and passion for food make it an excellent blog to keep going back to.

Why blog and why food? Blogging is a great way to get your voice heard, particularly when it is combined with social media, which is something I’ve learnt through my job. It’s a great place to learn from others and experiment and, although hard to start off with, it’s extremely rewarding when the comments and advice comes in. Food has always been a passion, my mum put me on Leith cookery courses when I was very young and I’ve never looked back!

Why did you decide to specialise in gluten-free cooking for the blog? I suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and certain foods can really aggravate the stomach. Gluten is my kryptonite! I began gluten-free cookery about four years ago and feel so much better, so I really just hope my blog will help others feel better, too.

What makes your blog special? My cats Ash and Miko feature quite regularly, mostly because whenever I set up a photoshoot they are always drawn towards the food, naturally! I’ve also been starting a campaign with Bristol restaurants called Gluten Free Bristol, which is a database for restaurants catering to gluten intolerance sufferers. I hope to develop this even more in 2013.

How long have you been blogging for? When I started university I always blogged just for fun, sharing photos I’d taken and things I’d drawn and sometimes for work projects. Wuthering Bites is a year old on 21 January.

Are you planning to take any new directions for 2013? I’ll definitely be looking at recipes more seasonally and also want to keep a good balance between sweet and savoury. I plan to do a few videos and focus on a more visual display of the recipe processes throughout the stages of the recipe; I did some research throughout the year and it was one thing that readers said they would appreciate.

One thing we can learn from reading your blog To relax. So many times things have gone wrong when recipe testing, shortbread melting, cakes not rising and I’ve thrown a mini kitchen tantrum. Not worth it. Sometimes things just have to fail to succeed in the end. My blog will always be honest and I think readers can really appreciate that.

One cooking tip? Not necessarily a cooking tip, but take the time to cut out some premade circles of greaseproof paper for your cake tins and have them ready to go. Sometimes taking the time to cut these out almost puts me off making the cake when I’m feeling particularly lazy!

One photography tip? Don’t be too technical with it! Sometimes the best photos are ones where it’s just come out of the oven still in its pan and not set up perfectly. Take more photos than you need and take the time to do different angles.

A taste you could do without… Balsamic vinegar!

Your last meal on earth would be… Lamb roast with all the trimmings! If it truly was my last meal, I’d of course have to follow it with a gluten-filled jam donut.



By Laura Rowe