You can now buy ice cream for dogs

by Dan Izzard

14 May 2018

Introducing Scoop's ice cream for dogs

It’s a ruff life for our pooches and they deserve a little treat too every now and then. Marshfield's Farm dog, Scoop, managed to convince everyone with her puppy-dog eyes that she deserved a special ice cream blend of her own.

It’s not just your average vanilla treat though...

Marshfield's Farm have specially made this doggy ice cream with their own fresh farm milk, but have reduced the lactose content and added special doggie supplements like glucosamine for joint care, vitamin C for the immune system, and curcumin which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

We sent along Crumbs top dog, Prudence the bassett hound for a full review and the picture speaks for itself. Full barks.

The ice cream is available now to buy in 125ml mini tubs.