What we know so far about Left Handed Giant's secret brew

by Jess Carter

02 August 2018

Both breweries involved are keeping schtum on their new creation, so we paid them a visit on brewing day to see what we could find out...

For the second year, the brewing buffs at Left Handed Giant is making a special limited edition brew to celebrate Bristol Craft Beer Festival, happening 14-16 September.

In contrast to the South West-focused beer they created with Wiper and True in 2017, this time around the celebratory brew is being made in collaboration with a Danish outfit. Dry and Bitter is a like-minded brewery from the continent who started out at the same time as the Bristol producers at the beginning of 2015, and makes similar styles of beer. 

Left Handed Giant’s Bruce Gray and Dry and Bitter’s Søren Wagner know eachother through the brewing and festival circuit (“you see all the same faces again and again; you spend the days pouring the beer and the evenings drinking it together,” says Bruce), and realised their respective breweries had a lot in common.

“People are into brewing beacuse they have a passion for beer, so when we drink we get curious about who made it and their thoughts and philosophy,” Søren tells us. “We noticed a lot of similarities in terms of our approach to hops, and we have a strong common ethos.”

When we rock up to the aromoa-filled Left Handed Giant HQ on brewing day, we’re just in time to see the hops being added, before the beer-to-be is tranfered to the tanks.

Søren, head brewer and CEO of the Danish outfit, had woken to a 4.30am alarm that morning, to catch a flight over to Bristol for the occasion. The two brewers had spent weeks working on the recipe, going back and forth with ideas, but of course, this was the first time it’s ever actually been brewed, so no one will know exactly what the result will be until it’s ready for canning and kegging in around four weeks – that’s how long the fermentation process will take to turn this hopped concoction into a roughly 6% ABV IPA.

There will be enough of the brew to fill about 3,000(ish) cans, which be shipped out by the usual distribution methods across the UK and even overseas.

Left Handed Giant’s own designer has been working on the branding for the one-off product, and has gone pretty off-piste, Bruce tells us, although these guys are keeping their mouths firmly shut when it comes to any details about the can design – and the beer itself.

“We’ve just thought about what we would like in a glass,” says Søren – and that’s all we’ll be getting out of them, it seems, until the beer has its launch party at Small Bar next month...


Photography by Nicci Peet