Swoon unveils charcoal activated gelato

by Dan Izzard

06 June 2018

Gelato that's darker than an episode of Black Mirror.

Gelateria Swoon have never been shy of a bit of flavour experimentation. In the two years since opening in Bristol, the team has sent social media into a flurry with flavours such as: Bath Blue cheese gelato, Aperol spritz, and pineapple and basil.

But have they gone too far with their new limited edition charcoal activated vanilla gelato?!

The ominous colour actually comes from coconut shells (not the depths of hell as we first though). Coconut shells are heated until carbonised resulting in a fine ash that’s mixed into the product. Supposedly, activated charcoal – despite looking like it’s come from a session cleaning your barbecue – has numerous health benefits including teeth whitening and even hangover preventative qualities.

Luisa Fontana, Head Gelato Chef at Swoon doesn’t think punters will be put off by the striking colour.

“We have a lot of fun coming up with ideas for new gelato flavours and have been discussing charcoal for a while, so I was really excited to be able to make it. As well as having numerous health benefits, it also has a unique colour, something that I hope will encourage customers to try it.”

Certainly, when we were in the shop, everyone who saw it just had to have a taste. The verdict? Rather mind-bendingly, it has a mellow creamy vanilla taste.

The special edition gelato is available in both the Bath and Bristol branches of Swoon for one month only.