Pieminister announces seven days of offers!

by Jess Carter

28 February 2018

Sucker for a filled pastry treat? You're going to love this...

Bristol-born pie-maker Pieminister is sure in a generous mood right now. The reason? The return of British Pie Week, which runs from 5 to 11 March this year.

To celebrate the occasion, Pieminister restaurants will have a different offer on the go for every day of that week. You’ll be able to get Mothership meals (any classic pie with mash, mushy peas, cheese and crisp shallots) for a fiver instead of £9.50 on the Monday; it’s buy one get one free on pie meals on the Wednesday; and mushroom-filled pies are only £2 on the Thursday.

Check out the full line up of offers below, and for more details on how to get access to them, visit the website.