Pi Shop unveil new cooking technique

by Dan Izzard

16 April 2018

Hot stuff

I remember a friend once telling me that if they had a superpower it would be the ability to make any food the perfect temperature for consumption, just by looking at it. An instantaneous human sous-vide. At the time I laughed. Several years older though I’m really coming around to the idea. Who needs the ability to fly when you’ve got perfect poached eggs?

It turns out that Pi Shop have been wrestling with a similar internal struggle. They’ve developed a new cooking style that involves cooking just the pizza base and sauce. Once the pizza has left the oven, the toppings are added and the residual heat is left to melt or warm the toppings. With top-notch toppings, we think it could be a winner.

Pi Shop are confident that the new technique will leave toppings as pure, vibrant, and tasty as possible. There’ll be a range of classics such as the classic margarita or hawaiian ( shudder) , and specials including the amazing sounding; egg with Wye Valley asparagus with egg yolk and 36 month parmesan on a white base.

Launching at the same time, is a new sharing experience menu for two. This will include a charcuterie and cheese board, olives, three tasting-sized pizzas of the customer’s choice from the classics or speciality menu, salad, dip and Pi Shop’s seasonal soft-serve ice cream to finish.

Explaining about the change in style for pizzas at Pi Shop, Peter Sanchez-Iglesias says:

“The whole idea is to make a change to ensure we are creating the most delicious pizzas we can with best ingredients possible. Plus, seasonality will drive some of our most exciting signature pizzas ever.

“For us the sky's the limit when it comes to use of quality ingredients from all over the world and we wanted to really push ourselves and what we can create and not be restrained by any conventional ideas of what pizza should be.”

The new pizzas and sharing menu are available now. Next, the team will be telling us they’ve folded a pizza in half and cooked it with the toppings on the inside! Oh, wait...