New Mexican joint to open in Bristol

by Jess Carter

18 January 2019

There's plenty to taco 'bout when it comes to this exciting new mezcal-drenched restaurant...

Mexican food and drink are still very much on the upward climb, and there’s soon to be another drinking and dining experience to enjoy them at on our patch.  

Masa and Mezcal is yet another idea of Imogen and Kieran Waite (also behind Bravas, Bakers and Co and others), and was always the grand plan for the spot that Corner 77 has been occupying since May last year.

The team have spent time in Mexico to learn how to make tortillas the traditional way, by grinding corn and using the nixtamalization process to produce masa (authentic corn dough) – something they’ll be doing themselves in the restaurant. That’s despite it being such hard work that, as Imogen points out, it’s not even done in Mexico that often.

“We’re passionate about keeping the food as authentic as possible to the food we fell in love with in Mexico,” she says. “I’m under no illusion about how difficult and laborious this will be, it’s a real labour of love.”

As such, you can expect killer tacos, as well as other dishes, both smaller ones for grazing and larger main meals, made from specially imported Mexican ingredients, as well as top produce from the South West. Everything here will be naturally gluten-free, and there’s to be a separate vegan menu too.

As for drinks, it’s going to be all about mezcal, served in cocktails as well as neat. This traditional Mexican sip – a relation of Tequila – has been gaining traction on the drinks seen for a wee while now, and our local patch is really beginning to see the result.

“Our bar shelves will climb to the ceiling and will be backlit to display our mezcal library,” says Kieran. “We intend to build such a large collection that a roller ladder will be required behind the bar which we’re dubbing the stairway to heaven.”

Work is starting imminently on the site, with Masa and Mezcal planned to launch in the spring. In the meantime, follow the team on Facebook and Instagram for updates.