Lager than life

by Dan Izzard

10 April 2018

Otterly refreshing

Did you know that lager accounts for 68% of beer sales in pubs? Nope, neither did we, but those clever folks over at Ottery Brewery have realised its potential and are taking on the big boys with the launch of Tarka Four, a 4% ABV session lager. It has a clean and crisp flavour with a long dry finish and it should make a refreshing change to its international competitors at bars across the South West. “To date, lager drinkers have been a collective of consumers who have only ever been talked to by our international brewers, like Carlsberg and Coors,” explains Patrick McCaig, sales and marketing director at Otter Brewery.

“Even if half of those drinkers would be happy to break the mould and ‘go local’, it represents a whole new market who we can welcome into the world of Otter, and the ethical and environmental way in which we brew our beers. If the beer’s half decent, who wouldn’t choose a beer brewed down the road over a brand that just happens to be there?”

The launch of Tarka Four is just the latest success story from Otter Brewery, as their Tarka Pure lager recently won Gold in the ‘Premium Lager and Pilsners’ class at the Society of Independent Brewers 2018 Independent Beer Awards.